Cough and running nose are common symptoms in sick children.
Management of cough
  • Simple measures like drinking warm fluids can help soothe their throat and help them feel better.
  • Coughing helps your child expel any phlegm in their lungs. They do not need to spit out the phlegm. Most times they swallow the phlegm and it gets removed via the digestive tract. This is one of the main reasons why most doctors do not like to use cough suppressants for children.
  • Mucolytics can help loosen the mucous to promote easier clearance from the lungs.
  • Do seek medical attention if the following occurs in your child
    • breathlessness
    • stridor is heard (noisy breathing)
    • wheezing
    • looks unwell
Management of running nose
  • The younger the child, the smaller his/her nasal passage. In the presence of nasal congestion, the young child can become cranky, and have difficulty feeding or sleeping.
  • Consider commercial nasal saline irrigation to help clear your child's nasal passage.
  • When the nasal congestion interferes with his/her feeding and sleep, oral and topical medications can help.